Application of Nanotech

Poster Credit:Jayed Bin Habib
Writing Credit:Sumaiya Mehzabin, Jayed Bin Habib                

The Advancement of the combination of Biometric Identification & Technology is the main basis for shaping the future world. Implementation of biometric methods, unique physical characteristics that can be used for automated recognition,has already been pretty common when it comes to security recognition, records of international immigration and significant usage mostly related to major security concerns. But imagine that being processed at a large scale, for reasons like paying for your daily metro or a brunch in the suburbs, you would just need a wave of your bare hands. Yes, thats how pivotal technology has become in bringing ease and convenience to our lives.

On May 21st, the palm recognition technology was launched through Weixin Pay service by Chinese tech giant Tencent. According to Tencent, ” The technology utilizes non-contact recognition of both surface-level palm prints and hand veins.”

All you have to do is register your palm print on the designated device and connect it to your payment details. Then simply hold your hand above the scanner at the turnstile, or checkout point. This will trigger an automatic payment via your WeChat account, and you’re good to go. It’s like something out of a science fiction movie, and it’s the beginning of the end for cash transactions. Palm recognition had already been a reliable method in biometric industry, however taking another step up to devise this technology for better usage is truly revolutionary. Implementing advanced security such as palm and vein recognition is considered as the most accurate and secure method among other biometrics as information can be recognized through palm area details like lines and ridges as well as subcutaneous features such as vein patterns and blood flow through the minute. While this amount of accurate information is meant to be unique for every human being, this truly prevents identity theft.

To sum up, as technology advances, the way we engage with the world and carry out everyday activities like payments is evolving at a rapid pace. The palm payment feature from Tencent is not just a technological innovation, but a step toward a more inclusive future. While it’s important to remain vigilant about security risks, such innovations deserve to be recognized for their potential to make our lives simpler and more inclusive. Nanotechs plays a vital role in the fabrication of this type of methods in our day to day life. This refers to the process of manipulating and engineering materials and devices at or below 100 nanometers in size. This may include the development of novel materials with new properties & nanoscale machines and devices. Nano-based transistors are smaller, faster and more energy efficient than conventional transistors. Nano-based memory devices have higher storage densities. The above application of Nanotech as a payment method, is a way to develop the economic growth faster and easier. These types of new implementation of Nanotechs, can create a better world and Paying with bare hands is just the start of it.

Nano materials have the potential to drastically alter the way we live. This is due to their almost limitless capacity to revolutionize virtually all areas of life. As the global landscape rapidly shifts to accommodate this new wave of technology, parallel efforts should be made to understand its potential effects. This is necessary to avoid the emergence of a new hazard of the 21st century, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of this emerging technology.

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