Poster Credit: Mimha Binta Monir
Article Credit: Abullah

Aren’t you tired of your regular ISP? Do you not want to call your ISP provider every time you lose your connection for no reason? Well, Elon Musk’s here to save us! Starlink, an satellite internet service engineered by SpaceX, is set to launch their internet connection service in Bangladesh to connect geographically isolated populations with uninterrupted high-speed Internet. That means, you can play your favorite PvP game without getting inturrped or without high png! Or if you want do research about your favorite science topic, you don’t have to wait in front of your screen for ages! But why Starlink?

It’s service is provided by highly advanced satellites which operates in a low orbit around the Earth, so it can provide internet where you could never imagine before. Also, it’s cheap! Now we all now how slow internet is in Dhaka. To solve this, Starlink has come with advanced technology which can provide a fast internet Bangladesh has never witnessed before. Nowadays, we need fast internet at every single job places to do their work done faster. With Starlink, now it’s possible to do more work in less time. So if you are a service holder and your office has this internet service, you can do your job easily without ranting about your internet speed! Starlink is about to run a test trial soon, so we hope we can finally get a decent internet at a chep price very soon.

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