Cyber Physical Systems

Poster Credit: Rumaiya KhatunArticle Credit: Rubaiya Rahman Industry 4.0, advocated by Germany, ideates smart factories powered by Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and the Internet of Things (IoT). CPS immaculately amalgamates physical and digital realms, fostering congruence among devices for dynamic data exchange. This evolution from mechanization to apportioned smart production marks a global shift. Smart factories […]

Virtual Reality revolution

Poster Credit: Jayed BIn HabibArticle Credit: Rubaiya Rahman Today’s most popular and revolutionary technology “Virtual Reality” or “VR” is like stepping into a mind-bending computer-generated three dimensional realm. It is a place where users wear a futuristic headset looking like space-invaders and suddenly find themselves in a thrilling 3D universe where every move and gestures […]

Quantum Computing

Poster Credit: Jayed BIn Habib Article Credit: Diyab Mahmud Combining computer science, physics, and mathematics, quantum computing is a cutting-edge area that takes advantage of quantum mechanics. It enables us to solve issues quickly. The qubit, a modified version of a conventional bit, is the central component of quantum computing. Qubits can exist in a […]